• Sport and sportiness is very important to me. I was a talented youth football playerunfortunately, I had to quit playing football due to a knee injury sustained in an accident at the age of 16. Because of this I had to put aside following a course of study to become a gymnastics teacher with the alternative of following a course of study to become a physiotherapist whose goal it is to optimize people’abilities to take part in (sports)activities. During my study to become a physiotherapist I have followed courses in sports physiotherapy. The subject of my thesis was injury incidence with 15- and 16-year-olds. For this I have advised 5 football clubs in how to reduce incidents. In making this thesis I was coached by Han Inklaar, former sports physician at the Royal Dutch Football Association.

    In 1987 I graduated. From that time on I have gained experience in collaborations within health centers, as an internship supervisor of manual therapy students, staff member of teams participating in: the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and National Championships and therapist of various top and talent athletes.—————> 

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