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Photo: Hidde Muije

In 2011, I was for the first time on Hans his treatment table. Now, ten years later, I am regularly with Hans for a treatment session. Of course, I can go to him with injuries, but I also come to Hans to prevent injuries. 

Improve during heavy training blocks
Top sport means, among other things, a lot of training. When your body gets tired as a result, the risk of injuries increases. Hans’ treatments are therefore essential in heavy training blocks. It activates the weak spots in the body and ensures that left/right differences are minimal. When the body is in balance, you can handle the heavy training sessions and you can take steps.

Fine-tune for competitions
I also visit Hans regularly during the competition season. He knows how to fine-tune my muscle, joint and nervous systems in the weeks and days before important tournaments, allowing me to get just that little bit more out of myself. This can be the difference between winning and losing.

The role of video analytics
Top sport is all about details. To get the most out of the treatments, Hans regularly studies images of my training sessions and competitions. By paying attention to my posture and movements during (among other things) starting and accelerating, he can be even more focused. I can also make improvements in my technique through his analyses. Partly because of this, I have achieved several podium places in national and international tournaments in recent seasons.