Working method approach

Are you a top athlete or anyone else who has certain complaints (way) for too long?
Then I might be the person to achieve the right solutions for optimal complaint reduction with function recovery. I have managed to do this with many people, insofar as those complaints are of course related to my competencies. The proven method I use is to improve your maximum performance and is primarily intended to optimize the coordination for movement and posture, so that in training and matches there are improvements in strength, mobility, stability, physical shape, technique, stamina, speed, agility and performance.

Treatment technique passed on broad training basis
Treatment consists of applying techniques from the manual therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, neurodynamic mobilisations, joint and muscle mobilizations, classic- and trigger point massage combined with mobilization exercises and exercises for the activation of delayed and weakened muscles and functional strength training.

At the moment that every move counts you had better make sure that that movement is carried out optimally’. With the knowledge and experience of several proven methods I will give you the right treatment and solutions. You can expect a significant improvement in your performance within 1 to 3 months.

My offer for top athletes:
After studying the history, there are longer sessions on day 1, consisting of a thorough intake, examination, treatments, advice to the top athlete how to proceed in concrete terms, associated instructions and digital reporting with oral consultation for the staff members involved.
Depending on the progress made by the top athlete, agreements can then be made with a few more sessions to achieve optimal function recovery. My approach is personal, very concrete – where I also assign the top athlete their own tasks – and very goal-oriented.

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